Central Smith Customers Ten Most Asked Questions

  • Who is Central Smith?

    Central Smith (CS) is one of the foremost manufacturers of premium ice cream and related frozen dessert products in Canada. CS has over 60 years of ice cream manufacturing and product development experience that has focused almost exclusively on the Food Service sector. CS has strong historical roots in the dairy industry that reach back 120 years. In 1896, it began in its current location as a farmers co-op (central to Smith township; hence the name Central Smith). In 1952 we began the exclusive production of ice cream. Family owned and operated since 1978, we have incorporated a wide variety of flavours of ice creams, sherbets, frozen yogurts, NSA ice creams and a selection of frozen desserts that are made with healthy coconut oil.

  • Is your product NUT FREE? How can your product be nut free if your plant has nuts in it?

    Many of our items are completely nut free. Some products do include nuts but we have a system of material segregation and detection to eliminate crossover of any nut allergens. Nuts are segregated in storage as well as production. Following the use of any product containing nuts our equipment is thoroughly deep cleaned. As a final precaution we utilize an industry recognized test to ensure there are no traces of nut allergen in our system.

  • What makes your ice cream better than your competitors?

    Tasting really is believing. Central Smith is dedicated to quality. This commences with our people and our selection of high quality ingredients. Our expert production personnel follow stringent controls to ensure products of consistent formulation, smooth body and pleasant texture. The quality control team consistently monitors adherence to standards throughout the processing of our delicious products.

  • Where can I buy Central Smith Ice Cream?

    We do not sell to the retail market. You can buy Central Smith ice cream from our factory location and through our distribution network. Please contact your sales rep for more information.

  • Why don’t you have the blue cow?

    Most of our cows are black and white! All kidding aside, the “Blue Cow” program was initiated by the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) to promote domestic dairy products. Some of our products do contain all domestic milk products while others (such as our most recently developed “frozen desserts” made with coconut oil) do not. We have been advised that the marketing program required an “all or nothing” approach to use the symbol (ie all Canadian dairy content required). In view of the fact too that the vast majority of our products are for food service we are not able to realize an advantage to use the symbol in our marketing strategy.

  • What are “Modified Milk Ingredients”?

    Modified Milk Ingredients (MMI’s) are sometimes referred to as “milk powders” or “whey protein powders”. Most of the MMI’s we use are either skim milk powder (ie simply skim milk with water removed) or whey powders (derived from cheese production, processed for clean taste and product consistency). These MMI’s consist mainly of milk proteins and lactose but no (or low fat) and are also referred to in technical terms as MSNF (milk solids, non fat). These dairy powders have been an industry standard for many years and provide essential solids to our mixes. They contribute to a consistent smooth texture and taste with every batch.

  • Does Central Smith supply freezers?

    We have a freezer program. We offer free product with the purchase of a freezer. Once the product is sold at retail prices, your freezer is paid for. We offer 5 sizes of freezer. The entire package, in addition to the freezer and free product, also consists of a food guard, tub secure system and a POS sign kit.

  • What temperature should I keep my freezer?

    For longer term product storage we recommend -20c/-4f (or colder) but for scooping where there is greater turnover of product (held for shorter length of time) we suggest -10c/14f to make the ice cream more easily scoopable.

  • Where can you get nutritional and Ingredient information?

    Both of these pieces of information is available on our web site, at www.centralsmith.ca. Go to the flavours page, click you flavour and it will pop up.

  • How do I get an order? What is a minimum order?

    Depending on where your business is located, we can certainly connect you with an associate in our national network of distributors or perhaps we can deliver directly to you with our own specialized trucks. Order quantities may vary depending on your region. Give us a call directly at 1-800-461-1464 or send us a note at info@centralsmith.ca to get connected and we can determine the best option to get you set up!