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Come visit our factory outlet. We have been scooping our creamy goodness since 1979, when we opened a small window at the factory door. Today we offer a complete dairy bar with dreamy treats, which include cones, sundaes, milkshakes and frozen yogurt. If you want to take home some Central Smith ice cream we have 4 litre and 2 litre sizes available in a wide variety of flavours.

We are located one kilometre west of Chemong Road on the Lindsay highway. You can’t miss the bright red roof! We’ve been here since 1896, first as a farmer's co-op. At that time the “factory” produced quality cheese and butter from the milk supplied by local dairy farmers.

In 1952, Central Smith began exclusive production of premium ice cream.

In 1978, the Scates family purchased Central Smith, and gradually the “factory” has incorporated a variety of sherbets, frozen yogurts, dietetic ice cream and frozen dessert to service our customers.

We ship coast to coast to coast and are excited to offer our customers an exceptional experience.

Our factory outlet serves the BIGGEST, CREAMIEST ice cream cones in the Peterborough area!

We dream in ice cream!
Office Hours
Take Home containers of Ice Cream available Monday to Friday! 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Scooping Parlour Hours
Opening May 1/15 for the summer season!
Maypole Merger News

The Stuff Ice Cream Dreams Are Made Of.

We’ve always dreamed of making our world-class product more accessible to more customers, and thanks to a timely move with Maypole Dairy Products this past week, this dream has become a reality.  This should be exciting news for a number of audiences for a number of reasons.

First off, we’re working closely with Maypole to ensure that all private-label ice cream products have the exact same flavours as before, so that when a customer goes looking for their favourite – it’s still available. In addition to the classics, we’ll be adding some new flavours unique to Central Smith. It’s the best of both ice cream worlds.

For parlour customers, this should be like an ice cream dream come true because not only do we offer a full line of platinum, gold, silver and bronze flavours, we also have both a freezer program and signage program that are as fresh as the ice cream itself. Our personalized order desk accepts calls and emails once a week to ensure you have what you want, when you want it. Each customer will have a sales rep assigned to their account and will be serviced directly. In some cases, scooping parlours outside of the GTA will be serviced by our partner distributors, who all are established companies that hold our product in as high regard as we do. 

Our larger customers will also feel at ease knowing we offer a complementary flavour to all of Maypole’s flavours. Our sales reps will be in touch with these customers early this year to discuss the transition as well as possibilities and potential areas for growth we can help with in their respective businesses.

Central Smith offers an exceptional product at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, we have various systems and procedures to make sure our product stays this way for years to come. For example, in our up-to-date, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we use an invaluable quality control system to ensure our high-quality product is just that. We own a fleet of new trucks that ensure our product arrives to customers in the best condition possible. We also follow HACCP and implement a recall system to ensure the health and well-being of all customers. We also strive to have ice cream that’s as green as it is creamy by diverting thousands of kilograms from landfill through cardboard, plastic and paper recycling programs.

We can’t wait to share the dream with you in the New Year!
Your friends at Central Smith. 


Central Smith has a HUGE variety of products! 

Ice Cream can be eaten on a cone, on a stick, as a sandwich, in a dish, as a portion or a novelty item.

Click the icons below and discover what we have to offer you!


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Food Services

 Central Smith places emphasis on building relationships with key distributors and with their customers.

These relationships are true business partnerships defined by:

  • Delivering high quality products
  • Outstanding service as measured by order fill rates and responsiveness to customer needs.
  • Providing personal attention and immediate follow up to any concerns.

Our mission at Central Smith is to give customers an exceptional experience by ensuring quality,
service and innovation in our products.

    • Restaurant Needs

      Your customers deserve nothing but the best. We have a delicious selection of flavours in the 11.4 L as well as PERFECT PORTIONS.

      At Central Smith, we want the
      best for your customers.

      For more information, email info@centralsmith.ca or please call

    • Health Care

      We have a full line of sundae cups and a variety of novelties including popsicles. We also have a comprehensive array of no sugar added ice cream.

       For more information, email info@centralsmith.ca or please call

    • Scooping Parlours

      We have a complete line of FUN flavours to choose from. We also carry a variety of cones, scoops, cone holders, cone dispensers, signs and flavour boards to help with point of sale.

      Let us show you how to make money selling Central Smith ice cream.

      For more information, email info@centralsmith.ca or please call

    • Custom Dreams

      With over 115 years of ice cream manufacturing and product development experience Central Smith is in a unique position to offer the expertise to bring new ideas to market. Do you have a unique idea or a co-packing need that you need help with?

      For more information, email info@centralsmith.ca or please call

    • Catering

      Weddings? Banquets? Celebrations?Our unique PERFECT PORTIONS have bulit in portion control!

      Individually packaged in two convenient sizes- try Ice Cream at your next big function.

      For more information, email info@centralsmith.ca or please call

    • Freezer Program

      Our knowledge of freezers is an asset to our customers when determining the type of equipment that is best suited for your location.

      To better understand our complete line-up of freezers, please email info@centralsmith.ca or please call


    • Co-packing

      Our DREAM TEAM and state of the art facility is equipped to provide assistance in the development of new product formulations and flavour concepts.    

      Do you have a unquie idea or co-packing need that we can help you with?

      For more information, email info@centralsmith.ca or please call

    • Schools

      School cafeteria? We can help make lunchtime exciting with our yummy line of ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, yogurt, novelty and sherbet products.

      Our Dream Team can help to make your students happy!

      For more information, email info@centralsmith.ca or please call

Custom Co-Packing

Central Smith has an excellent reputation in Canada for Ice Cream and related products.  We have steadily built this reputation on superior quality and service.

Over the past decade, distribution of our products has reached into every corner of our great nation and we have done so, in part, by joining hands with reputable companies to co-brand or co-pack ice cream.

Over 118 years of ice cream manufacturing and product development experience that has focused mainly on the Food Service sector, places Central Smith in a unique position to offer this expertise to bring new ideas to market. 

Our professional team and state of the art facility is equipped to provide assistance in the development of new product formulations and flavour concepts.  We are discriminating when choosing our partners; but, when we do, we work diligently to take new ideas from “mind to market”.  

Do you have a unique idea or co-packing need that we can help you with? Please email info@centralsmith.ca or call (705)742-5867.

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We are located one kilometre west of Chemong Road on the Lindsay highway. You can't miss the BIG red roof!

Our Location

739 Lindsay Road
Selwyn, Ontario K9J 0C5

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739 Lindsay Road
Smith Ennismore Lakefield

  • Telephone: (705) 742-5867
  • Fax: (705) 748-6037
  • Toll Free: 1-800-461-1464
Dream Team
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orders@centralsmith.ca or call (705)742-5867.


The Dream Team

Ian Scates -president ex 207
Scott Coleman-Sadd -production ex 211
Mark Wease -office ex 201
Phil Nayler -sales ex 220
Neil Scates -sales ex 203
Orders ex 208
Central Smith Creamery, 739 Lindsay Road, Selwyn, Ontario K9J 0C5